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BlackWaterBrush (12pc)


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BlackWaterBrush (12pc)

(4 customer reviews)
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Our BlackWaterBrush is an excellent starter brush for silky waves or a tamed beard. The curved brush is an ergonomic improvement over the traditional flat brush and literally sells itself (12pc)

Out of stock


4 reviews for BlackWaterBrush (12pc)

  1. Will

    What would you classify this brush as, a soft, medium, or hard brush, if you’re trying to get waves? Or does it work for more than one texture?

    • John

      Its a softer medium. It is ideal for waving. A medium/course hair texture benefits the most along with natural oil based balms.

  2. Andrew

    How much for just 1 brush?

  3. DeMarkus Jones

    Can you purchase just one brush???? I would love to try it however I do not need 12 of them

  4. TemperedWaver

    Pay attention to your customers. Sell one or even two brushes. Nobody needs twelve besides a salesman and we aren’t that.

    • John

      This is the wholesale/salesman page. We will be reissuing single brushes of the improved BWB this Fall in the accessories page.

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