Sea Facial Scrub


Sea Facial Scrub

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Coldlabel Sea is an excellent facial exfoliator and deep pore cleansing mask. Our sea-based scrub & mask contains mild abrasives that gently exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving a fresh face nourished with minerals from the nutrient rich ocean. Coldlabel Sea is an anti-bacterial salt mineral blend that contains no sugars. Great for weekly use.


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Weight 6 oz

4 reviews for Sea Facial Scrub

  1. rico (verified owner)

    just got this in the mail. So what I the proper way of using this? Do you use this like the earth product?

    • John

      Coldlabel Sea is a purifying exfoliant for the face. The earth is a clay for hair and skin to be dried on the surface to draw out impurities from the skin. Sea is a facial exfoliant and scrub for the deadened skin cells on the facial surface and to regenerate cellular growth for a bright clean complexion. For use once per week. Mix with water to form a clay. Rub/scrub into your skin. Rinse/wash excess clay/scrub. Moisturize.

  2. Dion

    Got my face collection in mail a week ago & can feel also see the difference in my skin . was impressed for it to take affect in a weeks tone . that’s just from using the soap , slash , & serum . how & when do you use Sea ? Do you use it by its self or add it to steps with the other 3

  3. Jovan (verified owner)

    It would be nice if you provided instructions when ordering “Sea”

    • John

      Coming soon..

  4. Emmette Sylve

    What are the ingredients in this face scrub? I haven’t ordered it but am looking to but first I’d like to know what’s in it.

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