The Bathe


The Bathe

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The Bathe set includes products you will need for a truly organic cleansing and replenishing session.

  • Imported African black soap
  • Fresh powder
  • King oil
  • Premium Shea Butter Blend

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Weight 20.7 oz

1 review for The Bathe

  1. Dion Johnson

    5 stars well deserved on products in this package . Can see the & especially feel difference in skin in short period of time . Had missing product but after getting in touch was on my doorstep within 48hrs later 👍👍. Been using products for my waves for yrs , also won’t be last time I grab this combination . THANKS AGAIN John for getting back to me asap . you guys doing an amazing job

    • John

      Thank you for your feedback and review!!! We really appreciate your business.

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