The Wave Plus+


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The Wave Plus+

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The Wave Plus+ is a complete wave system that will take you step by step through the ultimate daily/weekly waving regimine. This set includes:

  • Wave & Scalp Butter
  • Wolfin’ Pomade
  • 7juices Hair Oil
  • 7plus+ Scalp Serum
  • Black Soap Shampoo
  • Earth Clay Mask
  • 3 Classic Stocking Cap 2 pc
  • H.O.T. Cap
  • Vinyl OrganicWaver sticker
  • Wave Guide/Instructions



Out of stock



How to use:  A complete waving guide will be included with your purchased.

What to expect:  Premium quality products that will cleanse, soften, shine and condition your hair. Products to clear and stimulate hair growth as well as control for optimum styling.  Very pleasant, unique organic aromas.  The ultimate in wave conditioning.

Ingredients:  This set includes all natural certified organic ingredients found in the included products.

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Weight 35 oz

20 reviews for The Wave Plus+

  1. rico

    so when will this be available

  2. Dre

    When will it be available again

  3. Aaron

    Any thoughts on when this will be available? Ive been waiting on the Plus set to start using coldlabel

  4. cobias

    When will this product be available/restocked?

    • John

      Thanks for your interest in Coldlabel Wave Plus+. It will be available September 1st.

  5. Tony Livingston

    When will this bundle be available again?

    • John

      September 1st. Thank you for your interest!

  6. bklee0720

    Is the Wave Plus still in stock?

    • John


  7. rico (verified owner)

    I just got this bundle and i got to say its the best!
    So what is the H.O.T. cap?

    • John

      Thank you for your feedback! The H.O.T. is a standard clear plastic shower cap used for (H)ot (O)il (T)reatments. It allows heat to open the cuticles of the hair and the pores on the scalp without drying the moisture from either during treatment.

  8. bklee0720

    Is the 15 percent code still good for the Wave plus?

  9. Lroman856 (verified owner)

    With the wave guide do we apply all the steps it’s telling us in one day?

  10. chansesylvie (verified owner)

    I didn’t receive my wave guide in my package 📦! Highly disappointed

  11. Winston

    Shouldn’t you get the brush with the kit, after all brushing is how you get waves. Please get the brush in the kit bury please keep the price low. It’s already $70, anyway just a suggestion

    • John

      Thank you for your suggestion. We will create a starter kit that will include a brush and comb June 1st and it will be priced very well.

  12. Dion

    Great collection to get your waves on point . very satisfied with my purchase with wave / scalp butter , pomade , & oils . remember all the compliments I got when I 1st start using cold label products for my hair 2 years ago & today hasn’t changed . curious if you plan on making videos on YouTube how to best use products ? Not just for hair , but face package as well ? ( yup , I purchased both . And will again lol ) thanks again. Great products from fave collection & wave collection

    • John

      Absolutely! ..& thanks for asking! We begin production on the Coldlabel instructional grooming series this summer. Stay tuned!

  13. Ray

    I’m a big fan of the wave and scalp butter. I’m interested in getting the whole kit. I wanted to know when will The Wave Plus bundle be available again?

  14. Este

    I like all the products I’ve bought so far but I’m trying to purchase the wave + …. is there any known date on restock for it.

    • John

      Thank you for your interest in our apothesystems! The Wave Plus+ may return for the Winter Apothecary. You can also supplement the The Wave with Earth, extra caps, etc..

  15. Bryan

    When will this be available again?

    • John

      Scheduled for Winter Apothecary.

  16. Binning

    When will this restock?

  17. Khaleed

    When will the wave plus restock again. I really want the wave guide

  18. mike

    when will this be available again?

  19. Dareon Madison

    When will it be available

  20. Cameron Gattis

    When are you planning on restocking the wave plus kit?

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