Shea Butter Blend


Shea Butter Blend


Although shea butter is a common household beauty aide for those in the know, all shea is not created equal. Coldlabel’s Premium Shea Butter Blend is an original. Blending butters from Burkina Faso, Benin, and Ghana, this awesome mix of unrefined shea is in its most nourishing state. It contains no yellowing mbrututu, so it retains its original ivory color and texture. This product is NOT whipped and has a light proprietary blend of essential oils to complete this amazing skin butter. 4 ounces



How to use:  Apply a marble size at a time. Massage between fingers to a buttery consistency and spread across the skin rubbing in thoroughly.

What to expect:  An ivory/beige butter with a smooth texture and natural robust scent of plant butters and a very light jasmine finish. *4 ounce jar.

Ingredients: West African Shea Butter, Essential Oil Blend

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Weight 5.5 oz


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