Bully Beard & Shave Oil


Bully Beard & Shave Oil

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We have combined two of our most popular blends into one awesome product! The Classic Shave Oil & the Bully Beard Oil both contained oils proven to soften hair follicles, moisturize & condition both the skin & beard, & provide lubrication. Bully will help grow an even full beard that shines with a natural luster & is soft to the touch. Our new combined blend is also perfect for sensitive skin & allows for a close, nick-free shave, as it virtually eliminates razor burn.

For beard: Moisturize and soften your beard immediately after cleansing for locked in moisture, increased softness, and a rich natural luster. Bully Beard Oil also helps prevent chapped chin under the beard and will help your beard grow thick and strong.
For Shave: Clipper cut your beard down to the stubble. Clean face with a mild natural soap. Rinse with warm water & apply a dropper full of Bully & massage it onto the still-damp face. Shave.
Bully Beard & Shave Oil is an organic blend of oils with proven hair and skin conditioning properties.


How to use:  Apply a few drops to a dropperful (depending on beard length), to palm, and apply evenly to beard.  Massaging all the way down to the skin.  Style as desired.

What to expect:  A light green thin oil.  Unscented, but gives light earthy and mild citrus notes.

Ingredients: Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Hempseed, Coconut, Jojoba, Argan, Avocado, Essential oil blend

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Weight 5.2 oz

11 reviews for Bully Beard & Shave Oil

  1. D

    I ordered 2 beard bully bottles and they only sent one. This was done after I couldn’t order from the website so I emailed them and they sent a PayPal invoice. My invoice clearly says quantity 2 but coldlabel overlooked that and only sent 1. I am not a satisfied customer.

  2. james towns

    I have been using this product for two years now know complaints it gives my beard a nice natural sheen and conditions it as well. A little goes a very long way 3 drops is all it takes. Customer service has always been top notch will be ordering my reup soon.

  3. Eugene Harris

    Great product. I’ve been using it as a pre shave oil. It works superbly! And the price is just right. A lil goes a long ways and my clients enjoy the smoothness of my shave due to this product. I will be placing another order for this one soon. Genethebarber.

  4. Dimitri (verified owner)

    Great product. Helps prevent dandruff and dry skin under your hair/beard. Last a long time, a little goes a long way. A great quality product.

  5. geebrock9

    Great product my clients love it gives the beard a light shine and gives them a very natural growth and it sells out fast VERY SATISFIED

  6. EricLWebb94

    Can this help grow facial hair that hasn’t gotten to the beard stage yet?

    • John

      Bully beard and shave oil helps by creating the optimal environment for strong facial hair growth. A good rule of thumb is that it will not make hair grow where it does not, but will strengthen growth where it does. Check for fine hairs in the area you desire growth.

  7. John

    Try 7plus+. It has all the benefits of 7juices plus a strong scalp conditioning complex. It is also has a much lower viscosity making it thinner to the touch.

  8. D.Ford (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! I have been using this for about a year or so and am now ordering my second bottle. I noticed growth and it gives a great sheen to the beard. I also use this when edging my beard with a razor and it works extremely well especially for its price point. Well done !

  9. David Luna (verified owner)

    I lost count on how many years I’ve been using this product, but I can tell you that during this time I’ve tried many other beard oil products and none of them compare to this one. Bully Beard Oil, the best on the market!

  10. Brandon McClennon

    Hello, I just would like to know if the Coldlvbel x Faheem Alexsander special edition Bully Oil is still available? If so, can it be purchased in single bottle quantity or is it only available in wholesale quantities per the website?

    Thank you,

    B. McClennon

  11. Mr. P

    I ordered two bottles of the special edition Bully cold label beard oil and Initially was very excited to use it to moisturize my beard and potentially have growth but to my surprise once I receive my two bottles I open them and I was Very disappointed in the scent it smells like straight grapeseed oil !!!!no Bergamont no tea tree oil , the scent is not pleasant at all. I was told by Barber I’d love this product for its amazing scent and that it would be the best thing for my beard because I salt and pepper hair in my beard. Well, I’m back to my search . NOT HAPPY

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