Premium Loc Deep Cleanse


Premium Loc Deep Cleanse

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The best Locs in any style should be lightweight, dense, and anchored by strong healthy roots. Their natural shine comes from being deep cleaned and cuticles sealed.

Premium Loc Deep Cleanse dissolves excess sebum, soil and product buildup from within the loc strand allowing for a tighter and lighter loc. Clean and detoxify your locs down to their natural shine.

“When the wind blows, so should your locs.”


32 ounces



How to use:Place 2 scoops of the Loc Cleanse per gallon of hot water. Soak the locs in the cleansing solution for 15-20 minutes. Gently agitate the locs to help release any soil buildup. Repeat if necessary. Rinse well.

What to expect:  A white citrus scented powder with black specs.  1 scoop.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, Dead sea minerals, Lava salt, Himalayan salt, Apple cider vinegar, Proprietary essential oil blend, Tea tree oil

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Weight 16 oz

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