Black Soap Shampoo


Black Soap Shampoo

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Coldlabel Black Soap Shampoo is a great mild clarifying shampoo made with authentic African Black Soap. Black Soap Shampoo deep cleanses your hair and scalp with gentle effectiveness. This shampoo is sulfate free and will help retain your hairs natural moisture balance while cleansing excess oils.


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Weight 10 oz

7 reviews for Black Soap Shampoo

  1. Cameron Scott (verified owner)

    I like the black soap shampoo… its a bit different than I expected. Quite watery. When I use it, It doesn’t make suds from the beginning, it just kinda goes in like oil or any other type of watery product. I find that I have to use quite a bit and agitate my hair a lot before it even makes suds. This isn’t so great for me because I’m a waver… normally I would apply shampoo and brush it into my hair, which usually makes bubbles. But now I have to actually megs up my hair just to wash it. I wish this shampoo were a little thicker so I’d have to use less. IT does have the same smell as the bar soap, and cleans just as well. But I feel like i’m forced to use so much of it every time. I’d give it a 3 out of 5. I’m sorry.

    • John

      Hey Cameron. Thank you for your honest review of our Black Soap Shampoo. We value you feedback and frame the entire brands formulations and revisions on the honest feedback of our supporters. We will work hard to make every improvement possible within the shortest time frame.

  2. Desmond Adams

    Like the other reviewer said it’s very watery. It dried my hair and made it crunchy. The after smell is not that great it smells like old sweat I hope I just got a bad batch of the product. I would try the other shampoo but it’s never available.

    • John

      Thank you for your honest review Desmond.

  3. QC (The Barber)

    The shampoo did well for me! It lathered up & left my hair clean!

  4. Matthew Harris (verified owner)

    This shampoo is much better than the discontinued, original version. This formula is much thicker and easier to lather. Rub a nickel-sized amount in your palms during a shower and massage into scalp. I use it daily because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. I finish up after a shampoo with applying a small amount of both 7plus+ scalp serum and wave butter on my slightly damp hair. I brush my hair while it’s damp. Then, it dries into a nice sheen.

    This shampoo leaves my scalp and hair clean daily.

  5. Aaron

    Since it’s just a shampoo. Do u have a conditioner or recommend a conditioner to use after this shampoo?

    • John

      Our 7juices is the ideal leave in conditioner after your shampoo.

  6. Monty

    How much difference between this product and the black soap bar? Can I use the soap bar with similar results?

    • John

      Our Black Soap Shampoo contains the authentic raw black soap that the bar is purely made of.

  7. Brandon McClennon

    Can you use the black soap shampoo for your beard? Also what is the difference between the black soap and black soap shampoo?

    • John

      Absoloutly! The Black Soap Shampoo is formulated for beard and hair. The Black soap bar is NOT a shampoo and is pure Ose Dudu imported raw from West Africa and should be used as a traditional bar of soap.

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