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King Oil

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We all need to keep our skin moisturized. However, everyone knows lotion is not the best for all skin types as it often leaves skin dryer than it was before.. sometimes within hours. Baby oil is TOO oily and often stains our clothes.

Petroleum based oils do have a use, such as for lubricating machinery! Let’s leave them there.

Our natural oil blend rubs in easily and gives the skin moisture without being oily. Each oil was carefully chosen to produce a product that goes above and beyond with skin nourishing properties. Our Golden King Oil, is lightly scented with royal frankincense & myrrh, and can be used by the whole family.


8 oz


How to use:  Apply as necessary, to clean skin, after showering.

What to expect: A light oil, with a slightly herbal scent. Fast absorbing.

Ingredients: Carthamus tinctorius, Prunus dulcis , Vitellaria paradoxa , Sesamum Indicum , Proprietary herbal blend, Tocopheral , Fragrance

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Weight 10 oz

11 reviews for King Oil

  1. Dennis G. (verified owner)

    I was in need of a skin moisturizing alternative because the manufacturer of the lotion I’ve been using for years changed their product and I was seeing more and more cases of ashy after applying the lotion. I decided to try king oil and I’m extremely impressed. My skin stays moisturized and it doesn’t leave an oily residue. It’s got a nice and subtle mild scent and it will end up lasting longer than your typical lotion purchase. In the long run this is also a more cost effective option.

  2. TJ (verified owner)

    The only moisturizer I use! It smells great and gives me a nice glow!

  3. G.O. Himself (verified owner)

    I use this as a primer (for lack of a better word), applying it fresh out of the shower before I put my lotion. It really helps lock in the moisturiser in the same manner a toner does for your facial moisturizer. It’s especially good during the winter when you’re skin can become dry easily. I was using a similar product from another brand for years but the main ingredient was, you guessed it.. mineral oil. I’ve been using King Oil ever since. I love it. It’s one of if not my favorite product from any brand, period. Use this and drink water and you’ll have great skin for sure 👍

  4. Brandon Baldwin

    This product has been phenomenal. I’m in Iraq as contractor at the moment and the water on base we used is extremely harsh on my skin. I was beginning to develop rashes from my skin not receiving adequate moisture and possibly an reaction to the water we use on base. It’s heavily treated. Long story short, since I’ve begun using the King Oil the rashes have disappeared almost entirely after approximately 1 1/2 to two weeks of use. My skin feels and looks great. I’ve tried plenty of oils and mousturizers but they couldn’t withstand the extremeties in which I work but this definitely is my ONLY option even once my deployment is done

    • John

      Thats is AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you for your support and feedback!

  5. Cameron Scott (verified owner)

    This stuff is GOLD!!!! I love it! perfect consistency, not too oily, and absorbs right in. King Oil, where have you been all my life?!

  6. Ken WavyVaper Nash (verified owner)

    This is a great skin moisturizer. And you don’t need to use that much. This will be replacing my usual lotion.

  7. Aaron

    What’s the difference between this and the facial serum?

    • John

      The King Oil is a lotion replacement crafted for all over use. The facial serum is crafted to use specifically on the face.

  8. Lionel

    Can I use this after or before using the facial serum.

  9. Clarence

    Question if this can be answered.
    Is this safe to use if you suffer from eczema? This product won’t cause a irritation? Because I have to be very careful in what I apply to my skin.

    • John

      This product was created as a lotion replacement for my 11 year old who suffered from eczema. Even the fragrance is organic and mild. Try and let us know what you think!

  10. hassaan (verified owner)

    Can you put this oil on your face?

    • John


  11. Brandon (verified owner)

    I know this product is supposed to be used on your body but it does wonders for my beard. It gives it an amazing shine and softness.

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