Premium Wolfin’ Pomade


Premium Wolfin’ Pomade

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Premium “Wolfin’ Pomade” is an all natural balm with extra hold. This pomade is specially formulated for wolfin’. It features raw organic honey for strength & moisture retention, & East African Castor oil to support strong growth. The Shea Butter & Hempseed oil are added for softness. Our improved Wolfin’ Pomade features an addition of deep conditioning soy, jojoba, and safflower oil. It also features the classic Premium scent!

For best wave style:
Our wave butter & pomade assists in achieving & maximizing natural waves, which is one of the healthiest hairstyles to wear.
A boar bristle brush or other natural fiber is best to use, because it is gentle on the hair and scalp. Brushing massages the scalp and gets blood circulating to the hair follicle. This encourages hair growth, by effectively distributing oils through the ends of the hair.
You will need: a boar bristle brush, a stocking cap, Coldlabel Premium Wave & Scalp Butter or Wolfin’ Pomade, Coldlabel Ultra Shampoo, Coldlabel 7 Juices & Berries Hair Oil, and a towel
To get started:
Shampoo hair
Towel dry
Apply a marble-size amount of Premium Wave & Scalp Butter or Wolfin’ Pomade to entire head.
Brush hair in the direction of natural growth for a minimum of 20 minutes.
Apply stocking cap for 15 minutes, or until hair dries. (Or overnight)
Things to consider:
Repeat steps 3 through 5 daily. (note: the more you brush, the better the results)
A good general rule to follow is to use Coldlabel Wolfin’ Pomade to train hair, and Wave & Scalp Butter to maintain.
For additional shine use Coldlabel’s 7 Juices & Berries for a weekly Hot oil treatment after shampoo.


How to use:  Apply a marble-sized amount to palm, and distribute evenly throughout the hair.  Style as desired.

What to expect:  A white wax, oil-based balm that melts into a cream.  Expect more control, hold, and/or separation for longer length hair. With continuous use expect softening of the hair follicle.

Ingredients: Safflower, Castor, Olive, Hempseed, Jojoba, Organic Beeswax, Hydrogenated Soy, Raw Shea Butter, Raw Honey, Soy Lecithin, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Fragrance

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Weight 5.5 oz

33 reviews for Premium Wolfin’ Pomade

  1. Saeed Chauvin

    Awesome Pomade! Best on the market. Better than Seasick Pomade any and everyday. Smells better, there’s actually an ingredients list on the product and shipping is quick. 5-Star product!

  2. Joseph

    I’ve used this for about a year now, and this is the best pomade on the planet. Smells great simple, but appealing. It last’s forever for me. If you use more than a dime size it does get thick and I don’t like that feeling on my scalp. You have to know how to use it. The only problem I have is that after awhile the tin container starts to rust, and gets hard to open. But I will buy this again, I am also waiting to try the wave and scalp butter.

  3. Loron

    First of all I will say I hate pomades period and I don’t believe in using them. I actually use the wave and scalp butter as a pomade when I’m wolfing. But I decided to give this a try. All I can say is wow, this is not like the other pomades if you follow the instructions this product is amazing!!! Cold label does not sponsor me in any way I don’t have a YouTube channel or anything on how to get waves. I am a true customer with an honest review in my eyes the company is a 10/10!!! Can’t wait to receive my other products I ordered 2016 is going to be cold!!!!

    • John

      Awesome! We are so glad you like it. We appreciate your support and feedback!

  4. CAMARA (verified owner)

    I ordered this product 3 weeks ago and never received it!!!
    So, be careful people …

  5. CAMARA (verified owner)

    I received the product 2 days ago & this pomade is really amazing. No frizz, good smell, make your hair shine and all natural. I tested different products for 360 waves but this for me is the best till now!!!
    Very good job Coldlabel

  6. Malik

    This stuff if very good. All natural ingredients that promotes healthy hair. Washes out well which is the biggest benefit for me bc I’m in the gym 4days a week, no buildup, just reapply after a good shower brush.

    A little pricey compared to the $5 a can stuff we all bought (no name dropping, but we all know) but hey there’s a reason why BMW cost more then a Ford.

    I’m happy, and will purchase again.

  7. Big 🐜 Ant

    One of the best natural pomades out. It’s one of my go products when I’m wolfing and also after my moisturizer has been put in. A little goes a long way. Besides HD Waves…this is definitely in my top 3 products👌

  8. Tshombe

    i have coarse hair…this is the best thing to go between hair cuts…my method

    on a fresh 1 1/2 hair cut I wash my hair and use the pomade right after
    every two days i use the promade again..between the two days I use the wave and scalp butter daily
    after 2 weeks I use the pomade every other day..just a little and at night
    during the day on my wolfin i just brush scalp and use a little of 7 juices
    and im spinning
    and I wash my hair once a week every friday

  9. Ricardo (verified owner)

    I was quite excited to receive this product and after using it I am completely sold on it. This a different level of quality with this item and I swear I will not be able to return to any of those low quality and ingredient pomade. The smell of mild coconut oil is so amazing. This is definitely a must have. I would and do STRONGLY recommend this item, as in all things in life you get what you pay for, in terms of both quality and overall user experience.

  10. Cameron Scott (verified owner)

    Love this pomade. I did not expect it to be so thick though. I damnear destroyed my knuckle trying to get some out. You have to dig into it… you can’t just rub your finger across the top and expect it to come out. I do like that it only takes a little and melts like butter in your hands. Just put my durag, tsurag, and stocking cap on. And now we wait….

  11. Cameron Scott (verified owner)

    So…. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the pomades from Cold Lvbel. I don’t “not” like them, but Im a little irritated that I have to nearly break my finger to get any out. Everything else about it… EVERYTHING is perfect.

  12. Thomas (verified owner)

    Easily my favourite pomade. The hold is fantastic, the scent is good, and there is little-to-no buildup. It also rinses out cleanly, not difficult at all like a lot of unnatural pomades.

  13. Christopher Totten (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for years and can’t nothing replace this pomade. A must have product for all around use.

  14. 89jcal (verified owner)

    Out of the wave/scalp butter and the wolfin pomade, which one should I use in the morning and at night?

    • John

      ..think more hair length. The butter is ideal for fresh cut until barbershop visit…. if you forego the visit to wolf your hair out, then switch to the Wolfin pomade. If you are using compression, some 7juices or butter is all you need at night. I hope this helps.

  15. Dimitri (verified owner)

    Really like this product. For me personally, it helped my hair become healthier. Has a good hold, but it isn’t a heavy or greasy pomade . Overall its great for me.

  16. DC Swift

    Just received my kit. And I’m liking it so far. Just wondering which one should I use out of the wolfin and the butter because I’m a little confused about that part

    • John

      Use the butter from a fresh cut until the wolf stage, then use the Wolfin pomade. You can use any combination of the two. Use Wolfin to train hair, and Butter to maintain. For extra course hair, you may want to use the wolfing at shorter hair length.

  17. delljones46

    I like this pomade. It does a good job at laying hair down and hold hair in place. I recommend this product. Would be nice if the ingredients were labeled on the can though

  18. Jizzle

    Can I use this in the morning and the night?

    • John


  19. Dhoopa1 (verified owner)

    I was excited to receive my wolfin pomade
    The product smells great and spreads through hair like butter .*although when I received them one of 2 cans was damaged 🙁

  20. Joshua Napier

    Can I use this pomade for beginners? I am currently wolfing just got a cut two weeks ago.

  21. Tahj hart (verified owner)

    Is this good to use for beginners

  22. dayonaldridge15 (verified owner)

    I was excited to get this product but infortunatly doesn’t look like i’m getting it anytime soon. My order has been processing for over 2weeks . Then when i email i get no respond. Really disappointed.

    • John

      Hello dayonaldridge12, Thank you for your order! Our records show your order was processed and shipped within 11 hours. It was delivered to the address provided 48 hours from the time the order was completed on the website. Please double-check with your local post office for confirmation and/or specifics.

  23. radioraheem08

    Can you use the hot towel method with the Wolfin pomade

  24. John

    We would recommend it, if your time permits.

  25. mkj1436 (verified owner)

    Great hold and shine. Its really helping my 6 week wolf.

  26. Alfonso

    This is why I rock with Cold Label. Its natural and organic products. I even noticed the new can it comes in. Its white with a gold rim. Wolfin’ pomade with the 7 juices is a nice combination for the hair and I will continue to rock with Cold Label.

    • John

      Thank you and SALUTE! We appreciate the support. *The white/gold cans were a holiday seasonal promotion btw.

  27. Jack

    Which is better to use after a fresh cut ?

  28. Chris Anderson

    Hello I’ve just purchased this product from EBay and was wondering when would I receive it? Can someone please provide me with answers? Thanks much

  29. Evan Brown

    I absolutely lo e this pomade man i am currently striving to become an elite waver and i am currently in 8th week wolf and once i applied this to my hair the next morning when i unragged i was SHOCKED 1 5he shine was brilliant 2 the hold and the level of lay down was crazy 3 it added life and brilliance and bought a whole new dimension of texture to my waves i just have 1 question is 5here a product to help me? Like i said im tryi g to be an elite waver problem is the middle of my head has a DIFFERENT texture than the rest of my head its extremely thin and stringy like so you have any products for thickening my hair?

  30. Brian (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a variety of new items, but instead of receiving the Premium Wolfin’ Pomade I received the Wave and Scalp Butter. What’s the return process for me to receive the correct item which I ordered?

  31. Trey G (verified owner)

    I starting using this product in 2017 when I first tried to get waves. It worked perfectly and I had no complaints. But once my waves were spinning, I figured I’d save a few dollars and some time by picking up a can of Sportin’ Waves from Walmart. Long story short, my hair noticed the difference. Once I finished that can, I ordered more of the Wolfin’ Pomade and it’s just as great as it was back then. I can’t even look in the mirror without getting sea sick. I already threw up twice this week, but you gotta pay the cost to be the boss. Highly recommended.

    • John

      Thank you for the awesome feedback!

  32. Charles J Haymond

    I’ve been using this pomade and wave & scalp butter for almost a year or so. This is the best product for my hair. I have used a lot of natural products for sometime but this is the best. Using cold label products and drinking plenty of water will have everyone noticing how good and healthy your hair has become.

    • John


  33. Darius

    I’ve used Sportin Waves before and I’ve used this product. This product is 100 times better. Although I didn’t buy the product from this site I found it on Amazon. I went there to order more of it today & I was disappointed to find out that Amazon doesn’t know if they will be selling it anymore or when it will be in stock. Anything I buy online I have a huge preference to purchase it from Amazon.

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