Licorice Root *Raw


Licorice Root *Raw

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Licorice has many health benefits and is the single most used herb in Chinese medicine. The ancient Egyptians used it as well as a cure-all for well being. It was the main ingredient in the classic Kemetic elixir called Mai-suus, and it was even found buried in Pharaohs tombs to be taken to the after life.

Modernly, the Licorice “chew sticks” are sold with remedy claims ranging from oral health, stomach relief, stress relief, to diabetes care. It is also popular with the tobacco addicted. We make no medical claim but we do absolutely know is that it is packed with compounds and flavonoids including glycyrrizic acid which is a known anti-inflammatory. We also know it has a 3000+ year history in medicine and healthy living.

This classic raw licorice root is great addition to your natural lifestyle.



Ingredients: Licorice root

How to use: Place in mouth and gently chew as it begins to soften. You can rub the softened frayed fibers along the gum line.

What to expect: Expect a 7″ cut of root. Resembles a twig. It has a mild natural licorice flavor. Slightly sweet. Aromatic

*includes (1) 7″ stick


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Weight 1 oz

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  1. John

    Old school chew stick. Dope

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