A look into the soul of Coldlabel

The present and original goal of the Coldlabel brand is to be an authentic barbershop cultured tonsorial apothecary.  Coldlabel has been among the tastemakers in the underground. We are proud to be the originators and innovators of much of what would eventually become a trend (Beard oils, wave butters, etc). We are able to do […]

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The coldest summer 2021!

As with every season change, there are certain things to consider and certain precautions we should take in anticipation of the elements. The summer brings that heat.. which brings out that sweat.. which brings out that salt.. which can dry skin and dehydrate your entire flesh.. No good. Make sure you STAY HYDRATED while you […]

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Low cut waves fresh for spring.

Within the sport of waving, the cycle of wolfing, brushing, compressing, trimming.. can sometimes take its toll. Sometimes we need to break. Sometimes we need to let the scalp rest & breathe. Sometimes we need the sun rays on the scalp to complete the nourishment. Many of us elect to curl up our wavy mane […]

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