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Smells sooo good.

As described by most of our independent group survey, Coldlabel Black Rum smells “so good”!!!  We’re very excited for its release this autumn 2022.

Our Black Rum is inspired by the ancient pirates that controlled the seas. The bold rebels that took life by the sails and used the stars as their guide.

Expect a blend of eastern spice, deep musk, and Caribbean fruity lush-ness.

Black Rum has a deliciously warm musky quality that speaks to a deeper part of the senses.


Pre-orders available soon


3 Replies to “Smells sooo good.”

  1. ricardo dickerson says:

    Is this a rub on or a spray?

    1. John says:

      This is one of a series of classic roll on fragrant oils.

      1. ricardo dickerson says:

        Great! I cannot wait till it comes out.

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