Earth Hair/Face Mask


Earth Hair/Face Mask

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Coldlabel Earth is a proprietary blend of pure clays from around the globe.  Botanicals including aloe have been added to balance the clays absorbing power with the nourishing & soothing properties of various greens and honey.

Use Coldlabel Earth as a facial mask for acne, oily skin, blemishes, large pores, & other imperfections of the skin.  Mix with water (or apple cider vinegar) to form a mud or loose paste. Apply to face and allow to dry.  You will feel a tightening sensation as the clay hardens.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water followed by your normal cleansing regimen. Earth will leave behind a smooth, natural, baby soft face you naturally posses.

This awesome clay blend works great as a clarifying hair/scalp mask.  Apply liberally to the hair and scalp, or add to Coldlabel Ultra Shampoo.  Let it set for approximately 20 min or until it begins to firm (do not allow it to dry completely) Then rinse with warm water.  Follow with a shampoo only cleanse and proceed to you regular conditioning regimen.





How to use: Once or twice weekly, apply an even layer of a prepared mixture of Earth and water or acv to the face and neck. Allow the blend to dry, then remove with a towel & warm water & wash briefly with black soap rinsing residue thoroughly. Follow with Coldlabel Splash/Toner and Facial Serum to replenish skins moisture and elasticity.

What to expect: Expect a tightening of the pores. You may experience a temporary flush and warmth on the face and neck immediately following the regimen. With regular use, you should notice your skin’s texture begin to refine. Works great with many skin conditions.

Ingredients: bentonite, kaolinite, rhassoul, spirulina, activated carbon, aloe barbadensis, honey

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Weight 5 oz

10 reviews for Earth Hair/Face Mask

  1. Stephen Green (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical about this product when I first heard about it being added to the already amazing line of products at Coldlabel. I tried Earth for about a week starting with a fresh cut from my barber.

    First off, as simple as the instructions are, there is a bit of a learning curve. I wasn’t expecting the consistency to be “mud-like”. This isn’t your run of the mill store bought clay mask. This is the real deal.

    I started by mixing a generous amount for my face after coming straight from the barber shop. I had just gotten a shave and a tight cut.

    Loved the way it felt on the face, I decided to just got HAM and apply it to the scalp. I am a hardcore waver and wanted to see how this would either enhance or take away from my waves.

    I let it set for the time stated on the label. Washed everything off in the shower and was absolutely stunned by the results.

    On the face: My skin felt very soft to the touch. I didn’t feel Like stripped my skin of moisture at all. In fact since I have very oily skin it helped balance the oil through out the day. Seriously a plus for me. My beard also felt very soft and very manageable.

    On the scalp/hair: I am very particular when it comes to my hair. I rarely put anything new on my hair without getting feedback from others. Since this was a new product for me with no reviews i decided to dive in a give it a try.

    My hair is cut short and waved out 360. I applied it to my hair and immediately felt a relaxing tingling feeling. It felt very good. As it dried I was a little afraid that it would completely dry out my scalp and cause dandruff.

    That was so far from the truth. As I washed out all the clay, I followed with a shampoo and then conditioner. My results were amazing. First my scalp felt like it was breathing. I mean it really felt like I just lifted all kinds of unseen gunk from my scalp. My hair felt very soft and my waves popped.

    Later Im going to try it with the Apple Cider Vinegar (I mixed it with water) and see what happens.

    I really think you guys should really trying this. If you’re a waver you have to try this. Get it in your workflow you won’t be sorry. For my fellow beard enthusiast, get Earth on your face and beards asap. Your beard and skin will be soft trust me.

  2. Samantha

    At first, I wasn’t even aware a product like this existed. I was introduced to it by my boyfriend. He was all for it and ready to try it, considering he’s more into trying new products than I am. After a little bit of convincing, I caved and agreed to try it.

    Now, to give you a better idea of how this actually works, I’ll tell you a little bit about my skin history. I have combination skin, so I can get oily in some areas and dry in others. On top of that, I have very sensitive skin that’s extremely prone to break outs and a bit of redness here and there. With that being said, I am still a female who loves her makeup. I don’t do it as often as I used to, but when I do, I do a full face and I make it count. As a result of all these components, what I use to cleanse my face is extremely important considering I strive to rid my skin of all the natural build up thst occurs from day to day.

    Even the consistency is different and I wasn’t exactly convinced it was going to be like a mud. I thought it was going to be more like a scrub, or even just a wash. Mixing it, is an art and it takes a little bit to get used to at first. However, after a few times, I think I’ve got it down to a science.

    The first time I put it on and let it sit for the amount the bottle says, it was a unique type of feel. It’s definitely a face mask and I prefer that over a face “wash.” It made my skin all tingly and tight and that let me know it was working! Sometimes I let it sit a liiiiitle longer just to really let it soak in and get the full effect.

    After rinsing it and patting my face dry, I immediately felt like my skin had a serious make over. It was so much smoother and the little random bumps had even gone down a bit, but it DID make my cheeks pinker than normal. I didn’t think anything of it because I really felt like it was sucking out all the nasty stuff from my pores and that comes with having sensitive skin. Beauty is pain, right?! Not in this case. It’s such a relaxing process. When I put it on, I tend to just get up in bed and chill until it’s time to wash it off. Since it dries relatively quick, there is no need to worry what I’m going to rub it off on.

    Well, nowadays, I use it on a constant basis. I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin, as have others who have seen my skin at its worst. My skin has less redness, less breakouts, and it is so, so smooth. The previous acne spots I’ve had even appear to be lighter or have disappeared all together. I also notice a huge difference in the way my makeup lays. It looks seemless and at times, even flawless.

    This is definitelt a “holy grail” product in my opinion and I’m glad I was convinced to try it. I’m also really looking forward to trying out the “Black Soap” and incorporating it into my skincare routine. I can’t wait for the results that come with combining the two! If you haven’t tried Earth, you need to try it out because you’re definitely missing out.

    • John

      Thank you so much for your awesome feedback! We’re glad that you like Earth and have incorporated into your regular routine. This product is ideal for long term benefits against minor imperfections with continued use. The use of facial clays is part of a classic beauty regime that dates back over thousands of years. We are proud to share & be a part of this ongoing tradition.

  3. James Towns

    For a person like myself that suffers from skin blemishes this was a great product for me. I have been using this for two days so for and notice a great deal of how it made my skin feel and look. It works great with Apple Cider vinegar Braggs preferably. I cleaned the mask off with black soap and my skin felt baby soft even my wife noticed the difference even with my blemishes they slowly but surely seeing progress.. I will continue to use this twice a week as instructed. Just like all of the other products they have another heavy hitter on there hands.

  4. WavyRicardo

    I love the coldlabel brand great company great products and great customer service the only thing i would suggest is that the directions for the facial use was a little more clear but i think i got it well at least what i did felt liked it work and made my face clearer hopeful i didn’t use too much but still a awesome product and for the hair it was unbelievable it made my hair super soft and it laid perfectly

  5. Joseph (verified owner)

    Alright so i’m 20 yrs old, so the idea of using a face clay mask, wasn’t really something I thought I needed. Anyway I decided to get this anyway for the heck of it. Using this product opened me to more products like these. Earth left my face really soft and smooth. I gave some to my sister, and she loved it, now she wants one for herself. Also the soft feeling stays for days after applying this for only one time.Because of the decision of buying this I will now try all of Coldlvble’s products. It is kind of small, but if you use it correctly it should last you a month. Depending if you use it everyday or not.

  6. Cameron Scott (verified owner)

    I’m waiting for mine in the mail…. Im in Australia so I’m kind of expecting it to take forever. I bought a ton of your products and I just can’t wait! I got this feeling that I will be abandoning Shea Moisture (you didn’t hear that). but yea I’m a waver as well… about halfway to elite i think. Just recently cut my beard because of split ends. Cant find any products here to properly care for it. So I ordered a lot of products from ColdLabel, and I look forward to becoming a regular customer!

  7. Cameron Scott (verified owner)

    Finally got mine in the mail. hhahhahaha “loose paste”…. understatement of the year! I love it!

  8. Bryan Lee

    Hey Coldlabel,I have a question about mixing earth?What did you mean by mixing water or ARC?Is ARC another one of your products or something else?I love all of your products.I just got the Wave Plus today!It was definitely worth ever penny spent.I will continue to purchase and support the Coldlabel brand.Thank You for coming out with these life changing products

  9. Gregory Castin

    I am bald with a full beard. I take pride in keeping my head shiny, healthy, and clean. I’ve always wondered if I can use the same face products on top of my head since it is bare skin. Do you think I can use this facial mask on my head and get the same health benefits?

    • John

      Absolutely! Great question often wondered but rarely asked. The benefits are the collective properties of the oils in the blends. These benefits are great on skin on the face, body, head etc.. Most skin from the neck up is similar in absorption, elasticity and for the most part, porosity so the Coldlabel Face, Splash, etc will work great on both.

  10. Camkilocrucial (verified owner)

    Can you use this more this as a everyday routine?

    • John

      We wouldn’t recommend daily use. Earth can dry skin and hair if used too often.

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