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Autumn is here!

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The Fall season has approached & with every season change, we must make the minor adjustments needed to stay at our peak.

Among these changes should be a careful attention to our wardrobe. Of course we know the Fall is an opportunity to break out the fresh leathers, tweeds, and suede fabrics that lay in the back of the closet.. but the attention needs to be on our our body’s temperature regulation. Dress too warm or layer too much, and you sweat, stress the body, and leave it susceptible to open pores and germs when the inevitable “changing seasons” cool winds blow in. Dress to cool and well….

Another of these adjustments is to monitor the skins moisture level.  Your skin should be moist and supple as the winds can wreak havoc on skin exposed to the elements. Our King Oil is a great sealing oil containing shea.  When used fresh after a shower, it seals in moisture & is easily absorbed… AND it last all day without creating that oily feeling.  Drink half of your bodyweight in onces per day & you will also maintain a well hydrated hyde along with the other trillion benefits.



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