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Premium Wave

The 360 wave hairstyle  is one of the oldest grooming disciplines known to mankind. It is achieved through hours of brushing hair to create a laid, buffed & trained enhancement of ones natural wave pattern.

The first recorded evidence of waving is in ancient Nile Valley Civilizations such as Nubia, Kush (Ethiopia), & Kemet (Egypt) worn by some the earliest dynasty Pharaohs and other royalty. Contrary to popular belief, the Pharaohs bald head/wig wearing custom did not appear until much later in history. Wigs were worn mostly by foreign Pharaohs who became King as conquerers during the civilizations decline.

Image shown: Pharaoh Nikare 5th Dynasty Kemet

Image shown: Pharaoh Neferefre 5th Dynasty Kemet

During the great artistic renaissance of the turn of the century, many turned to chemicals to achieve a wavy style. Soon after came the use of heavy petroleum to physically glue the hair into place. While the style was admired during its day, the damage was often too much to sustain.

Since 2000 there has been a return to the classic style of waves with an emphasis placed on the pure organic nature of the pattern. Welcome back Kings. Were not royal simply because we wave. We wave because we are royal!

The people will elect a Queen & Pharaoh once every season based on the Andikan Enos’ 5 point criteria.. winners include 1st and 2nd runners up for both the Queen and the Pharaoh crowns.. 6 crowns in total & will hold the crown for 90 days…

Seven questions with the Pharaoh:
1)Why do you wave?
2)How long have you been waving?
3)What does waving mean to you?
4)What wavers do you admire? Why?
5)What do you like about the wave Court/community?
6)What would you change about the wave court/community?
7)What is your daily/weekly regimen?