The Wave


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The Wave

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The Wave set includes products you will need when building a natural wave style.

  • Wave & scalp butter
  • Wolfin’ pomade
  • 7 juices
  • Black Soap shampoo
  • Stocking Cap set (2pc)

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Weight 23.5 oz

Ultra, Black

19 reviews for The Wave

  1. Kerris Clark (verified owner)

    This is the best product in the world! I am willing to spend this type of money on coldlabel products because this is no artificial but all natural and organic products that does game changing things for the wavers in the wave game.

  2. Saeed Chauvin (verified owner)

    Great product! Fast shipping! Natural high quality ingredients. No on can do it better! Thanks Cold Label!

  3. quinard (verified owner)

    I ordered mines on the 17th and its still processing how long does it take?

  4. vernon Washington

    Please notify me when this is in stock my email is Vernon Washington I need this badly

    • John

      Thank you for your interest. We will email you immediately when we restock.

  5. HB

    Please email me when this is in stock I need this in my life!!!

  6. Bryan C Sanders (verified owner)

    Best stuff I’ve used. I mean my waves are on another level. When used all together there is nothing greater for your hair.

  7. Vianney padonou

    My email is
    Please message when you have this pack again
    Your products are the best

    • John

      We are restocked with the wave. Thank you for your support.

  8. Kofi b

    Please email when restock

    • John

      We are restocked. Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your support.

  9. David

    Coldlvbel is off the charts! If you are waver, or interested in becoming one- this is all you need. You will see results within days. Take my word for it, your waves will be chopping!!

    Happy customer,

  10. David

    Great products, and very fast deliveries. You guys are on it! I placed my order on Saturday, and i received it today (Wednesday)… by the way, I stay in Alabama. Keep up the great work Coldlvbel!

    Once again, Thanks!

  11. Garien Hudson (verified owner)

    Wow. Was looking for all natural hair products, found this. Man. I’m a believer. Never leaves my hair feeling extra greasy. Don’t need much to get the job done. Very pleased with my purchase. I’ll be back.

  12. Byron (verified owner)

    Wonderful Product !! No Build Up Or Clump Left In Hair All Natural And Also Great Smell … Even My Barber Noticed A Difference

  13. John


  14. Howard Johnson

    I’m thinking about trying this wave product for the first time I used art of 360 and love it was the difference between them ?????

    • John

      Besides being the original wave butter and original pomade for Wolfin’, being the best selling natural wave pomade, & setting the industry standard with our proprietary formulas? I would encourage you to read the ingredients to make the most informed decision. I have not tried that brand.

  15. Deshaun Murray

    If I am a already established waver but my waves are not connecting and want to switch to organic from the 360 style wave grease would these products be a good alternative

    • John


  16. Chonsey

    I was wondering if I could buy some of y’all products whole sale

    • John

      Absolutely! Go to the wholesale page under the shop tab to purchase by the case. *Make sure you take a sec to register on the professional page.

  17. champtheman21

    Lacks communication with customers outside of email even if that I still haven’t got a reply. I feel that the product is worth it but im having shipping problems and can’t get in contact with anyone

  18. Dejohnne Lacy

    why dosent your wave kit provide hair conditioner

    • John

      Thanks for your inquiry. The 7juices is our conditioner.

  19. Dion Johnson (verified owner)

    So many new wave pomades , oils , curl enhancers but nothing like cold label . once in a blue moon will try something different but then it’s a waist cause I just come right back . Can’t go wrong . Been purchasing 5-6 yrs and hands down is the best ✊

    • John

      Thank you so much for your feedback!

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