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New products summer ’16

We are extremely excited to announce our new products that will be released this summer. Of the many products that go through the various stages of development and testing, these 6 have more than made the cut as they each tested through the roof! Our summer ’16 additions include:

  1. Coldlabel Face | deep nourishing facial serum
  2. Coldlabel Tea | a daily herbal blend tea for health & beauty
  3. Coldlabel Oil Pull | a coconut oil based daily oil pulling blend for teeth whitening and deep oral cleaning and detox
  4. Coldlabel Deodorant | all-natural aluminum-free deodorant made with certified organic ingredients that work!
  5. Coldlabel Hair Rinse | herbal dead sea mineral rinse with black tea
  6. Coldlabel Black Soap Shampoo | a gentle & effective clarifying shampoo

4 Replies to “New products summer ’16”

  1. All my product was not received you got me my wolfing pomade but I did not receive the wave and scalp butter I bought from you guys I need you to send me my wave and scalp butter invoice #12402
    Shipment #9400111699000302824038
    Receipt # 0926230709552701 thx

    1. John says:

      We apologize for the mixup & inconvenience. We are looking into that now & will remedy the situation asap! Thanks for your patients.

  2. Les says:

    When will these release?

    1. John says:

      New products will drop weekly the entire summer beginning with Coldlabel Face July 22nd.

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