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Suggest Coldlabel to your barber/stylist.

Coldlabel is a proud barber family owned company. Since our very beginnings, we have catered to the beauty industry as much as to the individual patron. Recently, we turned down large distribution deals as well as a 7 figure buy out offer. It’s because we believe in true grassroots distribution. We believe that more people frequent their local barbershop and beauty salons than they do most big box retailers. We also believe that that is who should share in the retail profit. The small business community that drives the economy.

So thank you for your support!  ..and we ask that you support our support of the local economy. Next time you visit your local barber/beautician, ask them to carry the best in natural beauty and grooming, ask them to carry Coldlabel.

*pic: Barber Jason Tull @charmcitybarber IG (Baltimore,MD) Coldlabel team member

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