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The perfect stocking stuffers..

Many have asked why we choose the packaging size we do. There are 3 great reasons. 1) To keep the product freshness! The organic ingredients we use should be consumed within the year purchased for maximum potency. 2) To keep the highest quality ingredients affordable, we opt for a more personal sized product portion. 3)  & possibly the most important reason… They make awesome stocking stuffers!!!!!!!

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4 Replies to “The perfect stocking stuffers..”

  1. rico says:

    hello, i love your products their the best out there and the most natural, anyway, when will the tooth powder and swishing oil come out

    1. John says:

      Thank you! The tooth powder and Oil Pull will be available early Spring.

  2. Khabaugh says:

    I really wanna try this product as well as the wave butter!! Are they available?

    1. John says:

      Yes they are! Let us know what you think..

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