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Wolfing tips with Rodney “Kuntry” Giles


Let’s get straight to the business of the ever so elusive WOLF GAME!!!…..

First and foremost this is gonna take patience, discipline and consistency. (Sounds like military huh)

Before you even think about it you’re gonna need brushes, moisturizers, combs and durags. What kind you get don’t matter just getem! Next your gonna start with a low cut of your choice (I prefer a Caesar) now go in with the brushes. I recommend brushing NOW for your desired pattern and learn your angles as you go. (They will change at different lengths) NOW FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

Let your hair grow for 4 weeks before your first cut. (KEEP BRUSHING)

After that cut let it grow for 5/6 weeks before the next cut (keep brushing!!!!)

KEEP PUSHING THIS WOLF, this session will take you over the edge if you been BRUSHING LIKE A BEAST!!..this wolf go 7/8 weeks and of course you still BRUSHING!!!..

I followed the same timeline with the following guards 1st wolf = 2wtg, 2nd wolf = 2.5 wtg, Last wolf I did a 3 wtg… And I start over until I reach my GOAL!! The more experience you have the longer and higher you can manage your wolf.


*Rodney “Kuntry” Giles is an Atlanta based waver and contributor to the Youtube and Facebook waving community.

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7 thoughts on “Wolfing tips with Rodney “Kuntry” Giles

  1. Rodney “Kuntry” Giles is true to the wavy lifestyle and continues to educate beginner and more experienced wavers. No doubt an embassador for the movement. Nothing but respect due! 1!

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