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Autumn/Winter 2021/’22

The cold down is among us. No better time to refresh our fresh. Stay warm. Stay hydrated. Stay moisturized. Stay fly.. Most of all we want to make a strong effort to stay fit during the cooler seasons.

It’s common to pack on a few extra pounds during the shorter days and longer nights. We can combat this with adding regular exercise to your daily routine. It’s been shown that as little as 20-30 minutes of light to medium daily exercise can have a HUGE impact on our overall health and well being. Add an additional 30 minutes or so, with some good strong resistance.. *and a couple rest days weekly, and you just may get that modeling job on the side, lol.

Fitness is, after all,  just as important to your overall well being as any other part of living life, and should be prioritized, especially during the slow seasons.

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