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Timing is everything..

The recent trend of intermittent fasting has been in our community since.. well, since forever. It was always told to us that eating once a day is great but for older folk, eating every other day kept you healthy, strong, and young. Some of our muslim brothers live by it, and many more of us applied this common sense practice into our way of life since well before captivity. This is ancient knowledge. Say what you say, but Big Mama nem outlived many of the younger “health conscious” folk off of Classic American Soul Food and the discipline to eat only when their bodies told them to.

In short, intuitive eating has always been a part of the healthy elite. As they say “The body already knows how to heal itself, if you just let it.” ..and I will tell you that a body in need of repair, rest, or revitalizing will do it best when it isn’t burning its energy digesting and processing food.

This season, while you enjoy all of the awesome food, family, fellowship, and fun.. Make sure you leave good time in between to completely reset for optimum health & wellness. Remember beauty is the reflection of health and wellness.

*photo cc: chefgarvin.com

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