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Bully gets a functional facelift..

We have been handcrafting one of the 1st beard oils on the market for close to a decade now. At the time there were none well known.  We weren’t trend spotting, but instead set out to formulate a quality beard and face serum to encourage beard growth, condition skin, and provide lubrication when the time came to razor trim the edges.

Fast forward 10 years and we have the benchmark of beard oils that conditions beards on 4 continents everyday. Bully beard oil, and the soon to be released Bully Beard Balm, continue to raise the bar with our healthy obsession with well-researched, carefully crafted, quality grooming products.

You may have noticed, our beard oil now sports an amber bottle. This is to extend the shelf life a whole year as it protects the precious oils from direct sunlight. Many of the hundreds of imitators don’t know exactly why we put our oils in 2oz bottles with droppers.. *Most imitate for the look.. but we’ll let you guys in on the secret. It is for portion control, times the rate of use.. *so that you use all of the product within the oils’ life expectancy. Remember, we use organic oils with awesome properties often with live enzymes that WILL eventually decrease in potency and spoil. (believe me, you WANT that in any organic product!) “Natural” products that do not eventually spoil do not have any true benefits. With Bully, there is no need to worry.

Enjoy our new Bully Beard & Shave Oil. Be on the lookout for Bully Beard Balm, coming soon.

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  1. ahmadgunn31 says:

    This product works for me real good

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