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Coldlabel Tatau Balm

9months 4 days of testing on fresh and established ink. We set the bar high once again. Introducing Coldlabel’s premier tattoo-healing-skin-nourishing emollient.

Tatau is the original term used in Polynesian culture for the skin art using pigments tapped or tatau’d or tattooed into the skin using needles. During the healing of the abrasions, the skin needs to stay clean/sanitized and nourished ..as well as moisturized. *Beware of other trendy natural balms that don’t test and use ingredients that aren’t good for the tattoos best results. One of which is sesame oil that is known as “the queen of oils” as it pulls toxins and impurities out of the skin.. including ink!

The 3.5 ounce cream is packaged in  sterile medical quality tubing for product integrity. No need to dig your fingers in.. Trust the seasoned apothecary that formulates the most effective products with an ongoing passion for organics. Let us know how we did.


***Available Dec 21***

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