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Low cut waves fresh for spring.

Within the sport of waving, the cycle of wolfing, brushing, compressing, trimming.. can sometimes take its toll. Sometimes we need to break. Sometimes we need to let the scalp rest & breathe. Sometimes we need the sun rays on the scalp to complete the nourishment.

Many of us elect to curl up our wavy mane for a season, especially during a deep wolf. Others neglect their waves altogether.

There is a popular myth that you cannot cut your waves short without impeding your progress. I am here to tell you that once your wave pattern is set to the proper depth due to training, they are ingrained. So much so that you can cut down to bald, and your scalp will still ripple with the exact pattern.

Next time you need a spring break from waving and choose to go low, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Have your barber cut WITH the grain for the finish. Many will cut the crown and edges against for a smooth evenness, but the finish should be in the direction of growth.
  2. Continue to use nourishing emollients. (7juices, 7plus+, PW&SB)
  3. Use a softee/finishing brush when you DO groom, until you return to length/routine.
  4. Have your barber reinforce your crisp edges with a razor for the ultimate crisp compliment to your silky crown.


Stay fresh my friends..

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