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Summer waving tips

The summer time is an excellent time to modify your waving regimen. The heat itself can cause the scalp to scream for relief from any product weight whatsoever, including the lightweight waxes and balms most natural wavers wear. The pores need to breathe year round but especially during the heat of the year. The excess sweating and the salt expelled demands moisture balance as the salt can dry out hair on a product-less day of sweating.

The Coldlabel team suggests the following tips to both counteract the potential damage and utilize natures heat and its benefits to maximize your hairs health.

  1. Drink plenty of water! Your hairs moisture comes from within just as much as from the outside.
  2. Use scalp serum and light compression. The heat will relax the scalp and allow for maximum mineral absorption from our organics.
  3. Soft brush your waves to keep your waves laid, fizz-free, & scalp both stimulated and clear. Wolfing is best in the Fall, Winter, & Spring.
  4. Cut your waves low. Allow the sun to kiss your scalp if possible. There are too many benefits to name for direct sunlight to optimize the scalps vibrancy.
  5. Double your shampoo regimen and make sure to lubricate. Use smaller amounts of Butter and/or Pomade.
  6. Drink plenty of water (too many benefits to name, literally)!
  7. Drink more water!!!


4 Replies to “Summer waving tips”

  1. Tbigdogg2185 says:

    This is helpful question what is you have fine and soft hair, how can I get less frizz.
    My waves are right and only if this frizz could be fine already

    1. John says:

      Great question! To control frizz, use a soft brush and Wave and Scalp Butter fresh after a cut. Try to avoid using a firm brush and until you are well into a wolf.

  2. Pink says:

    What’s the difference between the scalp butter and the wolfin pomade? I always use the scalp butter which is a great product. I just want to know the difference between the two

    1. ShuaShua says:

      I’m wondering the same thing.

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