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Autumn fresh..

It’s that time of year that signifies the waning of the sun and showcases the beautiful death of our hemispheres foliage, showcasing earth tones and the beginning of a quietness in nature. Its a magical season and requires slight adjustments to maximize your daily vibrant essence.

Like the hotter spring  and summer, it is also very important that we maintain our hydration. Our body may feel the need to relax the amount of water consumption as we sweat less in the cooler temperature. The body, however, shows dehydration symptoms different in the chill months with dry skin and low energy being very common and unnecessary. Remember, hydration is key to maximizing the efficiency of anything relating to your body.

Also, the autumn months can be a great time to begin to prepare ourselves in transition for the deep winter especially in light of the new covid19 pandemic. A strong immune system, stress free environment, and overall priority placed on wellness can serve you well during the autumn as well as in preparation for the harsher winter months to follow.

This Autumn, we proudly reintroduce our Tisane back into the lineup October 15th. This delicious blend of herbs is ideal to drink daily and promotes strength/beauty as well as overall well being.

We have sourced three of the absolute best imported raw shea butters from Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Benin to create a superior blend of the classic African butter. It is superior grade & naturally creamy with a quantified healing property! It will be a MUST during the autumn cool down & will release Nov 1st.

Also, our black logo tee’s will be a part of the fall2020 lineup of products per your requests.

Keep the feedback coming as we appreciate your opinions and critiques as well as your patronage. Stay autumn fresh!

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