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Premium Wave and Scalp Butter Flash Sale

In celebration of the summer sun and fun, we are offering our Wave and Scalp Butter for the $12.99 as a throwback to our original price. Our butter was the first of its kind and helped spark an entire organic waver revolution. Since then, many of the big petroleum brands have tried to introduce butters of different kinds that have all been “greenwashed” on the label, but still contains the mineral oils and petroleum ingredients meant for lubricating machinery. Smh.. trash that!

Ours is the original. The best.. and it also contains no shea butter. Not that shea is bad, shea is good, for certain applications.. but it is single the go to ingredient many of our competitors go to melt, drip some essential oils, and sell to you as “pomade”. Coldlabel Wave Butter is expertly formulated by herbalists and certified trichologists, then hand crafted in our strict laboratory. In short.. “We the best”

Make sure you grab another can while supplies last!

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