New Improved Ultra Shampoo!

The improved Ultra Shampoo is set to re-release on February 1st. We’ve made improvements to the already popular sulfate-free formula with the addition of activated charcoal, and our proprietary herbal blend.  Ultra Shampoo will retail for $12.99. Use code:ULTRA to receive 15% Feb 1st-3rd ***February 1st***

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Autumn is here!

  The Fall season has approached & with every season change, we must make the minor adjustments needed to stay at our peak. Among these changes should be a careful attention to our wardrobe. Of course we know the Fall is an opportunity to break out the fresh leathers, tweeds, and suede fabrics that lay

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Wolfing tips with Rodney “Kuntry” Giles

BLUEPRINT TO WOLFING WAVES IN THE BEGINNING STAGES: Let’s get straight to the business of the ever so elusive WOLF GAME!!!….. First and foremost this is gonna take patience, discipline and consistency. (Sounds like military huh) Before you even think about it you’re gonna need brushes, moisturizers, combs and durags. What kind you get don’t

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New Kendrick review by Xhale

To Pimp a Butterfly By Xhale In Hip-Hop, it’s not every day a famed recording artist dares to use such an illustrious stage to challenge the cultural integrity of his or her listeners. KRS did it. Public Enemy did it. Both Dead Prez and Lupe Fiasco tight-roped on controversial career paths as well. Now,

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Coldlabel Earth

Coldlabel Earth is a blend of three clays, carbon, and botanical ingredients.  Each ingredient holds individual properties to deep cleanse, balance, and nourish the body.  Earth works best as a mask for face and/or hair.  The powerful clays draw out impurities that otherwise may remain.  Great for acne, oily skin, whiteheads, & large pores.  Earth clarifies dull hair and clears the scalp.

***Available April 1st***